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Voltivo's Product Line of high quality 3D Manufacturing consumables and accessories

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  • Filament Cleaner

    As most filaments are made from plastics, they are often statically charged and attract all sorts of debris from around your filament storage or work space. The Voltivo anti-static filament cleaner wipes lint, dust, or other dirt before the filament enters your printer's valuable extruder and nozzle.

  • ExcelFil® EVO – A New Class of 3D Printing Filaments

    Voltivo’s ExcelFil® EVO is a new class of 3D Printing Filament combining the benefits of multiple legacy filaments into a single product. It has the ease of use of PLA, while providing a lot of the same properties of ABS.

  • ExcelFil® – High grade PLA and ABS 3D Printing Filament

    Voltivo ExcelFil® is a high grade, high density 3D printing filament available in both PLA and ABS perfectly suited for and tested with a wide range of 3D printers. ExcelFil® PLA and ABS filament allows for easy extrusion due to its tight laser-controlled tolerances , smooth flow characteristics over a large temperature range, rapid cooling and a high...

  • 3D Model Digital Caliper

    The Voltivo 3D Model Digital Caliper is an essential tool for every 3D printing enthusiast. You can create dimensionally accurate models and prototypes from existing objects or measure your pre-printed models for accuracy. Easily switch between metric and English units of measure, and use its auto on/off feature to maximize its battery life.

  • ExcelFil® TECH – Composite 3D Printing Filament

    Voltivo’s ExcelFil® TECH is a high grade, composite 3D printing filament. It comes in a variety of composite material choices for advances prototyping, architecture, hobby or art projects: Copper composite Aluminium composite Bronze composite Wood composite Flexible

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