ExcelFil® – High grade PLA and ABS 3D Printing Filament

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Voltivo ExcelFil® is a high grade, high density 3D printing filament available in both PLA and ABS perfectly suited for and tested with a wide range of 3D printers. ExcelFil® PLA and ABS filament allows for easy extrusion due to its tight laser-controlled tolerances , smooth flow characteristics over a large temperature range, rapid cooling and a high tensile strength.

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Product Overview

Voltivo ExcelFil® is a High Grade, High Density 3D Printing Both PLA and ABS Filament available in perfectly Suited for and Tested with a Wide range of 3D printers.
ExcelFil® PLA and ABS Filament android.permission for Easy extrusion Due to Laser-controlled ITS Tight Tolerances, smooth Flow Characteristics over a large temperature range, Rapid Cooling and a High Tensile strength.
It Comes in a large range of Colors in Two Diameters and printers available to fit MOST. We Ship ExcelFil® on Sturdy recyclable spools, Vacuum Sealed with a Desiccant Bag it Arrives to Ensure Moisture free.
That that Unlike many other Brands, WE Provide Full Support information about Our range of optimized 3D Printing Plastic Filaments on Our Support Site. We Also Provide PHARMACY Filament clips and Custom spool-Holders and for other printers as downloadable STL 3D model files in our repositories.

Primary Features and Benefits

  • Diameter and Roundness accuracy better than 0.05 mm
  • Fully opaque color with a shiny finish, no shortcuts taken on adding non-toxic color pigments
  • Only A grade PLA / ABS raw plastic materials from USA and German suppliers, no scrap or recycle material
  • Formulated for low printing temperature for less blobbing and stringing
  • Strong layer bonds and very rigid when cooled
  • Support website with tested print temperature guidelines and other support tools
  • 3.2mm Hub diameter for lower friction
  • Arrives packaged in vacuum shrink wrap with a desiccant bag to ensure controlled humidity levels in transit

Product Details

3D Printing is a fascinating technology now entering the office and the home. Originally developed for industrial use in prototyping and small batch production, now everybody can materialize 3D objects from their own desk. The quality and material properties of the filament used to feed the printer Greatly Influences the Final result.
What We Were not satisfied with the market Provided and Developed Our Own Formulation of only the Highest quality ingredients from Reputable sources. We then Further Fine-Tuned the Composition based on the Feedback WE got from the local community to Maker Improve Speed ​​and Flow variables incrementally like glass Transition Points.
We arrived at a Product WE are Proud of, and Which Will WE hope you enjoy Our ExcelFil® Printing with ABS and PLA Filaments as much as WE do!

Filament characterization

We in average spend 2 weeks to test and characterize each new PLA or ABS material, diameter and color combination in many different semi-automated print tests. Above and beyond the manufacturing quality control, we re-run these printing tests on different 3D printers like Makerbot Replicators (PLA 1.75), an Ultimaker 1 (PLA and ABS 3mm), an UP Plus (ABS 1.75) and 2 RepRap variants. These tests are run on a quarterly basis to ensure we always ship a product that provides reliable and repeatable print results.

ExcelFil® - High grade 3D Printing Filament Print Support Database

Creating successful prints also depends on the correct print settings. 3D printing still unfortunately is not as straight forward as desktop printing. The combination of PLA and ABS material, the color (also called masterbatch), the slicing software and the printer hardware used all greatly influence successful print results. Based on the characterization tests outlined above, we make available a great amount of information for specific use cases providing the user with a solid starting point. Each spool is labeled with a QR-Code which provides direct access to our specific ExcelFil® 3D Printing Filament support database entry. The support site is also smartphone-ready for convenient quick lookup on-the-go.

Environmental Considerations

We care a great deal about our environment and are trying to strike a balance between convenience and protecting resources. Our PLA filament is made from renewable polymer sources. Namely plastics derived from corn starch and sugarcane. However for specific applications, which require higher operating temperatures that lie close, or beyond PLA's melting point, ABS provides a better solution. Hence we also offer a range of ABS plastics manufactured under strict quality guidelines to be able to provide a complete product portfolio for any project.


Diameter Accuracy Nominal 3mm ± 0.05mm or 1.75mm ± 0.05mm
Roundness Accuracy ± 0.05mm
Display High contrast 5 digits LCD, Display resolution of 0.01 mm / 0.0005 inch
Polymer Density 1.31g / cm³ 1.01g / cm³
Polymer Melt Point 210 ° C 260 ° C
Print Temperature Our specific Temperatures in Support Database
Spool Dimensions Outer Diameter: 200 mm, Hub Diameter: 32 mm, Width: 60 mm
Packaging Vacuum-sealed PE bag with desiccant, outer cardboard protective box
Box Size 212mm x 212mm x 75mm
Weight 285g including hard-case
Material Net Weight 1kg ± 0.05kg
Gross Weight 1.35kg

Color Choices

Coal Black ABS and PLA P 179-16 C
Snow White ABS and PLA P 1-1 C
Ash Grey ABS and PLA P 179-6 C
Cherry Red ABS and PLA P 48-16 C
Candy Yellow ABS and PLA P 1-8 C
Deep Purple ABS and PLA P 88-8 C
Ocean Blue ABS and PLA P 102-16 C
Leafy Green ABS and PLA P 143-16 C
Signal Orange ABS and PLA P 34-8 C
Sky Blue ABS and PLA P 107-5 C
Natural Beige ABS and PLA P 1-2 C
Transparent ABS and PLA N / A
Arctic Silver ABS and PLA P 179-4 C
Bling Gold ABS and PLA P 12-8 C

Please note that an accurate color representation of plastics is not possible on the internet. That is why we are specifying the closest Pantone tone for your reference.