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C-Loop HD

美國卡司丁™│攝影配件 美國卡司丁™│攝影配件


Compatible with any camera strap, C-Loop HD allows your camera body to move freely for fast shooting out in the field. Available in blue, gunmetal, red, and black.

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The C-Loop HD strap mount is available in stylish colors such as black, blue, pewter and red. It relocates your camera straps so they are never tangled or in the way. Turns any regular camera strap into a sling and enables you to tuck the lens by your side. To fasten on to camera a keychain hex tool is included. Durable finish. Made in the USA.

  • Eliminates strap interference and tangling
  • Provides quick access to camera
  • Increases security and protection of lens
  • Compatible with most camera straps
  • Made of aerospace grade aluminum with durable anodized finish

1. What type of camera is C-Loop HD compatible with?

Any camera that has a 1/4-inch tripod mount port. This is the standard size.

If your camera has a 3/8-inch tripod mount port then you can use a female 3/8-inch to female 1/4-inch adapter.

2. How does C-Loop HD attach to my camera?

C-Loop securely attaches and locks to your camera using the included tool.

3. How do I maintain my C-Loop HD over time?

C-Loop’s unique 360-degree design requires some moving parts. Every three months or so, add a small drop of lubricant (WD-4O, Tri-Flow, etc) to keep the swivel motion moving freely.

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C-Loop HD

C-Loop HD