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Camera Strap Mount, C-Loop

美國卡司丁™│攝影配件 美國卡司丁™│攝影配件


The C-Loop camera strap mount allows you to carry your camera by your side for fast and effortless shooting. Low-profile design, aircraft-grade aluminum.

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C-Loop is a camera strap mount that connects to the tripod port on your camera. This brings you the following benefits:

  • Reduce interference: no tangling, quicker access, and improved handling.
  • Smooth rotation: C-Loop swivels 360-degrees for smooth panning.
  • Low profile: easier to transition from landscape to portrait shooting.
  • Improved portability: your camera lens comfortably tucks away for easy carrying in crowds.
  • Compatibility: works with existing camera straps and all devices with a tripod mount.

What does my camera need to install the C-Loop camera strap mount?

As long as your camera has a standard 1/4" threaded tripod port then you can install C-Loop on your device.

If you camera has a 3/8" threaded tripod mount you can purchase a 3/8" to 1/4" tripod adapter adapter (female 3/8" to female 1/4") at your local camera shop.

Is it safe to install C-Loop on my camera?

C-Loop is the safest camera strap mount on the market since it requires no tools for installation. You can keep it maintained anytime, anywhere. As part of any pre-shoot routine, check all equipment and make sure that C-Loop is hand-tightened and secure before heading out into the field.

How do I maintain my C-Loop over time?

C-Loop's unique 360-degree design requires some moving parts. Every three months or so, add a small drop of lubricant (WD-4O, Tri-Flow, etc) to keep the swivel motion moving freely.

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