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Flash Modifier, MagGrid

美國磁模® │閃燈配件 美國磁模® │閃燈配件


Nothing to lose. Nothing to break. Faster than lightning.

We’ve taken the typical grid and redesigned it, making our MagGrid a super durable, magnetized honeycomb grid.

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  • 磁力蜂巢片(MAGGRID)
  • 磁力蜂巢片2 (MAGGRID 2)
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Your light control Kung Fu is strong.

A single MagGrid focuses your light into a precision 40 degree beam pattern with minimal spill and hotspots. Add a second MagGrid to get an even tighter. Add additional MagGrids for the even greater control.

Boom: better light control that’s faster than fast.

One grid to rule them all.

Having just one grid design means you’ll never second guess which grid you grabbed from your bag when you’re shooting in a dark or fast-paced environment.

Even if you lose a grid (which we’re not saying you’d ever do), you can’t lose your favorite one. Cause they’re all interchangeable, and perfectly consistent.

*Please be aware, that a MagGrip is a prerequisite for using any of the MagMod modifiers.

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