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Flash Modifier, Magbounce

美國磁模® │閃燈配件 美國磁模® │閃燈配件


Direct light exactly where you want it. Via the awesome power of magnetism, you get 360 degrees of rotation in 4 different configurations.

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  • 磁力反光板(MAGBOUNCE)
  • 磁力反光板 2 (MAGBOUNCE 2 )限量現貨供應中!

1 950 NT$

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Together forever.

Thanks to its durable material and universal compatibility, the MagBounce is one investment that grows with you as you grow your business.

It fits on virtually any size flash (courtesy of the MagGrip, the core of MagMod’s system)—including AlienBee strobes.

It’s not magic. It’s magnets.

Four freakishly strong neodymium magnets embedded in the MagBounce eliminate all of your headaches: They’re ninja-quiet. They never weaken. And they attach instantly.

With magnets, you can change modifiers quicker than you can say “abracadabra.”

Hey, good lookin’.

Made from a solid piece of durable silicone, the MagBounce squishes into even the smallest corner of your bag.

When you’re ready to use it, just pop it back open. This design is a thing of beauty.

*Please be aware, that a MagGrip (purchase separately) is a prerequisite for using any of the MagMod modifiers.

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Flash Modifier, Magbounce

Flash Modifier, Magbounce